Biztech Softsys Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based globally acclaimed Information Technology company with offices in the USA and Malaysia, and an ultra-modern production and delivery facility in Coimbatore in India.Our company was founded in the year 2006 for providing IT consulting services, web-based application development, network development, software engineering and production of custom apps for a wide range of businesses including: healthcare/hospital services, e-business portals and related industries and online visa issuance, e-governance and processing software for governments. We have many off-the-shelf products too that can be customised to meet specific requirements of customers.

Our prime objectives are to innovate and develop innovative products that cut down our customers, business operating costs, increase productivity and raise profits. Our unique approach to our customer needs helps us to retain a vast clientele across different geographical locations covering the USA, the UK, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.The software development methodologies we follow allow us a high level of flexibility in terms of technologies, production/delivery schedules and implementation timeframe. For Biztech no customer is too small or too big to partner. We help customers to reap our competencies to stay ahead in a highly competitive global environment.


Our products and services meet the highest industry standards that focus on quality of service that result in high customer satisfaction backed with best support. At Biztech our definition of quality is high customer satisfaction in everything that we deliver. The customer base we service is extensive and comprises governments, service providers, trading/commercial businesses and manufacturing companies from around the world.Savvy customers around the world repose immense faith on our software development methodologies, software development tools and our expert highly-trained certified software programmers.


Our delivery is always quality oriented that begins right from the conceptual stage with multi-level quality process control checks. To ensure that only the best is delivered, we invest heavily in regular software programmer training and software development tools. Remaining competitive is a principle that we have always cherished ever since our inception and the end result is our customers get cost-efficient, cost-effective products & services that are sweet to our customers.


Choosing an IT partner company is often a debilitating concern for governments, businesses and manufacturing companies that heavily depend on IT resources to meet their objectives. IT assets therefore have to be kept spic and span 24/7 round the year by constantly upgrading capabilities and modernising with innovative software tools that help them stay ahead in the race for supremacy. Here is where we excel – we develop software tools, develop software and provide quality IT services and apps that help businesses to stay ahead at all times.


Quality Service

Biztech’s high quality service and IT products for global businesses is one of many reasons why our customers stay with us forever. To provide excellent services and keep the tempo up at all times is a philosophy deeply ingrained in our company culture. Our multi-point quality prescriptions and checks are among the most stringent and the results reflect in all our deliveries.


Best Support

Biztech is not just a vendor of IT services and products. We consider every customer a partner with whom we share our expertise and provide round the clock support to see them succeed against the competition. Expect to receive the best support from our dedicated support team 24/7. We really mean it when we say this.


Long Term Result

The very purpose of our existence is to provide our customers a continued stream of IT services and products that constantly keep them in the lead. This means building lasting relationships in which we wholesomely participate, share concerns and find relevant solutions that produce positive results. We are more than just a vendor – we build and cement lasting relationships in which every stakeholder wins.