NEODelivery Management System

NEODMS - Delivery Management System

DMS, collaborates with the global Community for Health & life sciences to implement powerful and Complex solutions within the framework of Medical Infrastructure Information Systems. To meet these objectives, Biztech works hand in hand with global Government Health Agencies to implement our bespoke product ‘’Delivery Management System (DMS) Enterprise Hospital

Suite.This application makes it possible to cover centralized assets, contracting, procurement, supply-chain and invoicing, warehouse management, and fixed asset and maintenance schedules, making their optimization possible through the use of standard processes adapted to Hospitals & Government Health Agency’s specific need or ultimatum.

DMS is centrally-implemented, guaranteeing secure, precise access to the information, ensuring information integrity and making it possible for this information to be shared among everyone in the organization. In turn, it has a suite of integrations built to complement Execution for Enterprise Delivery Management.

DMS Objectives

  • To map the geographically distributed equipment / material delivery in the country.
  • To update relevant status in order to notify all the stakeholders.
  • To reduce the hazel in allocating the employees for delivery of the equipment.
  • To track exact status of the delivery.
  • To maintain and improve delivery reliability
  • Automating related work process.
  • Document repository for each delivery

Functional Feature

Tender Management Supplier Management
  • Order/Tender Data Maintenance
  • Order/Tender Response Analysis
  • Final Price data updates & supplier order confirmation
  • Supplier Agreement execution
  • Supplier Data Maintenance
  • Assigning & Scheduling Employees for Delivery
  • Tracking delivery status
Delivery Management Employee Management
  • Delivery Data Maintenance
  • Confirming the Delivery Date
  • Confirming Rescheduled Delivery Date
  • Tracking the Delivery by Status
  • Delivery Statistics
  • Master List
  • Allocation of Products for Delivery
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Work Schedules & Monitoring
  • Updating Delivery Related Documents
Document Management Transporter Management
  • Delivery Document Uploads
  • Delivery Document Maintenance
  • Document Requirements
  • Transporter Data Maintenance
  • Assigning & Scheduling vehicles for Delivery
  • Tracking on road vehicle status
Receivable Management Payable management
  • Customer invoicing support
  • Collections Managements
  • Documentation maintenance
  • Supplier invoicing support
  • Payments Management
  • Documentation maintenance
Dash Boards System Maintenance
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Supplier Dashboard
  • Customer Dashboards
  • Logistics Management Dashboard
  • Installation Engineer Dashboard
  • Production cloud hardware
  • DR cloud hardware
  • Content management and backups
  • Network and communication infrastructure
  • End user systems