Employee Mgmt / Leave Mgmt. Doctor / Stockiest / Pharmacy Mgmt. Doctor /Stockiest / Pharmacy Calls
Customized Desktop Tour Plan / Tracking via GPS Internal Mail System / Important Notification to all as well as individual.
Stock Verification Alert / Expiry date alert Product Catalogue / Categorize(Seasonal / Non Seasonal) Forecast Indication
Orders booking with Customer Signature / Generate Invoice (online) Goods Returns / Feedback and Grievances. Payment Collection[ Credit Cards/Debit cards/online payment / Cheque /cash]
Real Time Access the Records Target settings / Tracking Target Survey
Discount Settings / Credit Points to Doctor  and Pharmacy Customer History Incentive /Commission  based on the target
Separate Login for each User Category. Tablet  Compatibility End of Trip/ Settlement /Daily Reports
Gift /Product Samples New Assignment / Task Competitive products sales history

Features Details

Features Details
Customized Dashboards Role Based on dashboards will be available.  Complete transaction, status of the tour and visit can be showed in detail will be displayed based on permission granted by the admin.
Real Time Visibility (via GPS) The management can know the location of the Medical representative via GPS, during the visit time spent, accessed materials during the demonstration, Justification entry of the visit. Manager can track the progress of visit up to get the order from the concerned party.
Tour Plan Based on the Calls, the Medical representative to meet the doctor/stockiest /pharmacy
Access to Records in real time A Medical representative can create, edit and update the Visit Reports, Task Reports, Opportunities, Tour Planners, and Account Information on the fly.
Customer History Medical representatives can access the historic purchases, payments and all transaction records of a particular customer at any time.
Order Booking Medical representatives can book orders on the fly, recommend and promote products based on purchase history, credit limits, payment history etc., of a retailer
Stock Notification / Expiry Date Notification If stock is getting low then Stock Notification alert / mail will be send to given email or mobile numbers.
Expiry date Alerts for available products.
Raise Indent /Stock Entry Based on the Stock admin can raise the indent.
Payment Collection Medical representative can collect payments through Cash/Cheuque/ swipe the credit /debit cards.
Administrator Dashboard Administrator will have a provision to assign the access rights for each and every employee.
New Assignments on the fly The Middle and Senior management can support the Medical representatives during their demonstrations at prospects’ locations by push-notifications; information alerts etc. and in case of key retailers, offers and incentive schemes etc., can also be pushed. Management can assign new tasks to the field force on the fly  
Gift / Product Samples Based on the credit point of the customer, allot the Gifts. Product Samples to the customer.
Supporting Materials Access to product catalogue, educatory materials and complimentary materials
Tablet Compatibility Medical representative can take easily, taking notes, survey, and interview through the tablet. Place the order on the fly through the tablet.
Senior officials can track the Chemist places, and daily visit status reports.
Good return, Feedback, Inputs and Grievances Take the return of goods, Take interviews of retailers if and when required, gather inputs from them on product demand, conduct surveys and take notes, all leveraging the integration with camera to create audio and video bites.