ERP Trading

Biztech as a pioneer in the independent ERP consulting pool, we apply our proven methodology to all areas of our customer’s organization, infrastructure, management audit services and technology. Biztech provides high-end hands-on skills and leadership which are proven to minimize risk, accelerate implementation progress and increase the success and value of your ERP initiative. We serve as trusted advisors by exercising fiduciary responsibility to our clients. In addition, we provide the following value to our diverse clientele.

Biztech ERP generates highly effective solutions in terms of customer interaction and governance regulation operations on a comparatively larger scale. Highly effective for various levels of business enterprises,Biztech has been rated as the most popular Trading ERP solutions Provider 4 years back to back. Biztech Trading ERP was built with an objective to create & adopt to any give IT Environment be it Azure or AWS, we call it an easy plug& play hybrid of the future


  • Real time Visitor Tracking
  • ID/Passport/Driver License/Business card scanner
  • State of the Art History Reports Retrieval
  • Visitor Card Printing Module
  • Easy to Analyze History Reports
  • Customized Reporting
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Capture visitor information in a computerized log
  • Pre-register visitors and groups via web browser
  • Temporary Employee Logging
  • Print badges in advance or upon visitor arrival
  • Look-up contact information in employee database
  • Built in standard reports
  • Enable customization of user reports
  • Capture, store and print visitor photos on the badge
  • User password protection
  • Emergency Reporting (AT one button press generate list of visitors in the building)
  • Should include periodic maintenance of the visitor management system
  • Possible to Integrate with ‘Finger Print’ Scanning Machine