NEO-Visa Management System

Mission: Creating Highly Secure Nation with Simplified, Secure and Integrated Immigration System

Vision: A centralized system to connect Ministry of Interior (Home Affairs), Embassies, Immigrations to eliminate tedious visa process, seamless arrival and departure of visitors, accountability on visitors with sophisticated cutting edge biometric system and digital (online) application .

Salient Features

  • Centralized database, secure and integrated system to ensure security & accountabilities.
  • Online application and login facility for applicants to submit the document and track the applications status.
  • Multiple visa types and dynamic eligibility criteria & fees setting.
  • Integration of all Embassies around the world, Immigration check points, Ministries, Internal Security Team with international database.
  • Secure different level of login access for immigration officers with different level of hierarchy.
  • Biometric capturing Immigration Clearance System at all checkpoints
  • Blacklist/ Whitelist of visitors and verification
  • Accountability of visitors on every Entry and Exit.
  • Monitoring and Tracking of illegal immigrants.
  • Finding visitors by country to enhance the tourism.

eVisa Functionalities

  • Countries management
  • Embassies and consulate Management
  • Jurisdiction management
  • Applicant details (Passport and other details)
  • Immigrant Visa or Non Immigrant Visa type
  • Visa Category Management
  • Document Requirement Management as per selection of visa category
  • Tourist visa
    • Single
    • Double
    • Multiple
    • Financial background check, Itinerary detail, Valid return ticket check
    • Check passport should be valid minimum 6 month
  • Business visa
    • Short term
    • Long Term
    • Invitation letter from company
    • Proof of presence of inviting company in Chad
    • Required Document upload option
  • Student Visa
    • Letter from university or college
    • Financial background check
    • Required Document upload option
  • Work Visa
    • Invitation letter from Employer
    • Proof of presence of Employer in Chad
    • Required Document upload option
  • Sponsors Visa
    • Sponsors detail
    • Required Document upload option
  • Group visa
    • Company
    • Agencies
  • Diplomatic / Official Visa
  • Journalist / Sports / Cultural Visa
  • Visa fees management according to nationality
  • Blacklisted visitor
    • Reject visa
  • Restrictor visitor
    • Call for interview
  • Rejection Visa appeal option
  • Visa Extension option

Immigration Check Point Functionalities

  • Entry Point
    • Passport verification, scan and store
    • Visa validation check
    • Blacklist Verification
    • Biometric capture
    • Face image capture
    • Entry Allow or Reject
    • If allow entry will be stored in the database
    • If reject, detail will be stored in watch list / Black list
  • Exit Point
    • Passport verification, scan and store
    • Visa validation check
    • Biometric capturing
    • Face image capturing
    • Exit Allow or Reject
    • If allow, exit will be stored in the database
    • If reject, detail will be stored in watch list / Blacklist

eVisa Process

Immigration Process

Work Flow

  • Traveler need to fill out the application and submit a payment through embassies or web portal (eVisa and Integrated Immigration Management System).
  • It will do background validation and vetted against Intelligent Information Management System(IIMS) Profiles.
  • Also the application is compared against local & international blacklist database, INTERPOL watch list and Stolen or Lost Travel Documents, as well as all previous traveler data.
  • Once the applicant’s information has been processed and cross checked, they will receive a notification depending on whether the application is approved or rejected.
  • If the application is approved, notification will be sent with attachment and same must be shown on arrival.
  • At immigration check point, passport and visa will be validated and biometric and face image will be stored in the database.
  • If there it is reject, they passport detail will be stored as Blacklist.

System Architecture

Way forward